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It's been a while.

Isabel broke her arm on New Years Eve. It was so stupid, too - we were at my parents' place, and she was playing in the part of the living room where we couldn't quite see her. We heard the thud, and we heard her crying, but when she didn't come running out for a cuddle, we assumed it was just your average fall.

Cut to ten minutes later when she's still crying and she finally comes to tell us she's fallen, and she's holding her arm really oddly - she's normally a mover and a shaker, so to speak. She's very expressive with her hands, so for her to be still isn't normal. We knew something was wrong, so we took her to A&E. Turns out she has a fracture of the humerus, just above her elbow. She's in a cast that's almost as big as she is D: from shoulder almost down to her wrist. It's just a temporary cast, they're putting her in a more permanent, I think fiberglass cast.

The thing that gets me, is that right after she fell, she wanted me, but then she wanted Daddy. It was Daddy who had to carry her to the car, it was Daddy who she wanted in the x-ray room with her, and Daddy who had to hold her hand while she was getting the cast put on. Of course, I had my hands full with the boys - and hospital waiting rooms are no place for three year old boys, let me tell you - but it still stung like hell to hear "No, I want Daddy!" Like I'd done something wrong.

They probably wouldn't have let me in the x-ray room anyway, on account of me being pregnant, but still. It would have been nice to be asked.

She's asleep now, poor little thing. Tucked up with Daddy in our bed, and I'm up. I don't even know if I should go to our bed with them, or just sleep in her bed by myself, since it's DADDY she wants.

I know I'm being irrational. I know none of this is her fault, and I know she's the victim in all of this, but I can't help how I feel. Perhaps it's hormones making me so irrational.

Dec. 15th, 2010

Have been feeling wretched.

I've had my first ultrasound, and everything seems normal. The Professor is growing at a normal rate, heartbeat is strong, and my due date has been estimated as July 7th. Still too soon to tell if we have a boy Professor or a girl Professor, though!

Lucky went pee pee in the potty yesterday - it wasn't the first time, but it's the first time he's initiated it himself. Up until now, when we were potty training Evan we sort of put Lucky on the toilet after Evan, but where Evan seemed to get it, it seemed like much more of an involuntary thing for Lucky. Yesterday, he came to me and said "pee, mommy", so I took him to the toilet and he went!

It's not that extraordinary for a three year old to be going to the toilet. Evan's been doing it for almost a year now (they'll be four in January), but perhaps due to complications from them being born prem, they've both had a certain degree of developmental delay, Lucky more so than Evan right from the start. This feels like a huge step for him. Well, it IS a huge step for him! We had an impromptu lunch party, invited Tim's mom and mine, and cool Aunt Pee came too! Lucky got to eat his favorite lunch (hot dogs and buttery mashed potatoes) off the Red plate, and it was all very exciting.

There's a guy in Tim's call center who is driving him nuts. The way Tim describes him, is like Dwight Schrute from the Office, lol! Thankfully, Tim's managing the center, and Dwight Redux is a phone monkey, on calls all shift, so their interaction is minimal, but from what Tim's said about him, even minimal interaction makes him want to scream.

Funny story - oldie but a goodie from Tim's own phone monkey days. Little old lady calls up for whatever reason, and is put on hold. What she doesn't know is that Tim was taught not to mute them straight away after putting them on hold, in case they say something else? So he gets to hear her singing along with the hold music. You know that song, Come Together? Yeah, she was singing that. Except, instead of the lyrics, what Tim heard was not safe for work!Collapse )


Knowing there's only ten days to Christmas is driving Izzy nuts. She keeps insisting that she needs to practice making cookies for Santa, so I told her we could have a dry run today when she gets home from school. So I need to go out and buy ingredients!
So okay, it wasn't on the first like we wanted, but we had the annual Christmas tree race last night. Mommy and Isabel against Daddy and the twins - that's girls vs. boys, see? And the results were... mixed.

Daddy's team had more hands, but less skill in their workers... Mommy's team was so engrossed in what we were doing that one of its members had an accident just before we were almost done.

Poor Izzy. It's the first one she's had all year, and she was so mortified, she cried for almost ten minutes. We kept telling her it's okay, accidents happen, but she just didn't want to be "like a baby" and "Evan doesn't have accidents!" Well actually, yes, Evan does still have accidents, and Lucky's not even close to being out of diapers yet, so she really shouldn't worry.

Regardless, both of our mini trees - little four footers, instead of one big six footer - ended up decorated after a fashion. The girls' tree featured heavy use of pink and purple, while the boys' tree was... interesting. Almost like a Christmas shop threw up on it.

Finished the night off with doughnuts dipped in cinnamon sugar and big glasses of milk. I'm done trying to fight the bedtime wetting. It happens, and no amount of fretting on my part is going to change that. I don't want to give her the impression she's not normal because she's wetting, you know? And neither of her brothers are night time trained, so we're just sort of playing it off as "oh, everyone wears night time diapers."

The Professor's arms and legs are moving, apparently, and we should be able to see this on the ultrasound we have scheduled for next week. Too early to tell if it'll be a girl Professor or a boy Professor, though. Which brings me to another thing I've been pondering. To find out, or not to find out? I want to know, but Tim doesn't. I would just say, tell me and don't tell him, but that opens up a whole 'nother can of worms, because I'm terrible at keeping things like that from him, and if he's going to get pissy about someone telling him, I'd rather it be at a hapless medical professional than at me...

Bender likes the sound and sight of tinsel, and LOVES the feel, but HATES the taste. The things you learn while watching your kitten.

Until next time!
I'm not even sure if anyone even reads my journal, but here's my update. The pregnancy calendar says my clothes should be getting tighter by now, but I think that's been the case for a week or so already. I'm not a huge person... is that normal? That a third pregnancy would start... not showing, but making itself clear to YOU, earlier and earlier?

Anyway apparently the Professor's optic nerves and eyelids are developing today. I think it's interesting that the calendar can break it down into days like this. I realize the process is more of a whole, rather than one thing on one day, but it's still neat to read. I'm trying not to read ahead, but I couldn't help myself when I saw the word "heartbeat" - and apparently, I might be able to hear the Professor's heartbeat via doppler.

Info on the family:

Tim is loving his new position. He feels like he doesn't have to deal with as much of the mundane crap anymore, and though he's getting the difficult customers passed on to him, he got this promotion because he has a proven track record of dealing with that kind of pressure well. I've heard his "on the phone, manager" voice, and it's SO soothing and lovely. He blows off steam by telling me stories when he gets home, and he does the voices, and even acts them out sometimes, and he constantly has me in stitches! The kids, too. He's a funny, funny man. (And he's sexy as hell, which goes a long way to understanding why I find myself pregnant with our fourth kid, haha).

Isabel recently got pushed up another reading group. She's second from the top now, and she loves reading so, so much. We've got to the stage where, instead of just me reading to her at night, we take turns. Mommy reads Izzy a chapter of The Famous Five (her latest obsession, and one I find delightfully wholesome, if not dated) and then Izzy reads Mommy a book from her bookshelf. Mostly, it's stuff she's heard a hundred times and so could recite from memory, but she's started pointing to the words she knows as she says them. So it's all good!

Evan is my little big man. He's so... solid, for lack of a better word. Dependable, might be more like it? I don't know. He's not big in size. He's actually pretty tiny for his age, but we think of him as big because he's bigger than Lucky. But I think he also has sort of a maturity that Lucky doesn't have? I don't know if that's the right word to use for a three year old. But, he seems very... mellow, when dealing with the world. He's a little more standoffish than his siblings, slower to warm up to new people, but he's a lot more cuddly than either of them. Not clingy - snuggly.

Lucky's our little caveman. If he were bigger, we'd describe him as a bit of a bruiser, because he's always throwing himself into the thick of things. He seems to be constantly trying to make up for his size (he's even tinier than Evan) with an overabundance of personality. Of my three kids, he's the most likely to make friends with a new person first, paving the way for the other two. We saw Tim's brother for the first time since Izzy was a baby on Thanksgiving, and while the other kids didn't want a bar of him for the first half hour or so, Lucky was climbing into his lap and spoon feeding him ice cream! (and in the process, "sharing" it by feeding every second spoonful to himself, but who's counting?)

Bender's still our itty bitty kitty. He hasn't seemed to grow much, but I think that's because we see him all the time. He's curled up in my lap as I type this.

So that's my family! Hope you enjoyed it, if you're reading!
Oh, Thanksgiving.

See, this is one of the perks of having a large family. I grew up with seven siblings, of which six are older and one is younger. When Pee moved out of my parents' place a couple of years ago, my mother said that it would be her last Thanksgiving that she catered for a long while. She instated an age dictated, rotating home policy.

Basically, what that means, is that mom cooked last in 20008. For 2009's Thanksgiving, my oldest brother Graham hosted, and he and his wife cooked. This year, my oldest sister Carolyn is It. If this system holds up, and by the grace of my mother it will, this means that I won't have to cook a Thanksgiving until 2015!! Izzy will be ten, Lucky and Evan will be eight, and the only one I'll really have to worry about is the one I'm carrying now! Who will be ALMOST FIVE!

I'm just thrilled that I'm never going to have to cook a Thanksgiving dinner with newborns, babies or toddlers under my feet. It's going to be SO much easier - and Izzy might even want to/be able to help, by that stage.

Update on me - We obviously don't know the sex yet, so we are (embarrassingly enough) keeping to our pet naming theme for now and picking something from a Groening work. Our current kitten is called Bender, because he's the same gray color! So we're calling this bebe The Professor (ie, Professor Farnsworth) because we're picking when s/he is born, s/he will have a lot in common with the Professor - the wrinkles, the baldness, the relative lack of control over their bowels... we're hilarious.

The Professor, according to the pregnancy calendar I'm subscribing to, apparently has fingers, toes, mouth, tongue... and as of today, might even have tiny little fingers and toes. It's only about 0.3 inches long! I'm not showing, obviously, but I'm definitely feeling it, I've been sick for like a week straight now and it doesn't look like letting up any time soon. They say that people get sick more with boys than girls, but I don't really have a good yardstick, because when I had boys there were two...

I'm so in the mood for chatting, since I can't sleep. I've been going through older entries in the comms I belong to and replying way, way late. I'd much rather talk to real people! I'm sunrisethrurain if anyone's on AIM and wants to hit me up :)

Nov. 24th, 2010

Ugh I'm sick. That is all.

I can't fucking wait for the morning sickness part to pass. Especially because my kids keep asking why Mommy doesn't feel too good - we haven't told them yet. We're not planning on telling them until I'm really showing, since kids don't really have any concept of time and of waiting nine months for a baby to be born.

Nov. 12th, 2010

Evan got sick to his stomach in preschool today and so I ended up picking them both up. I've spent the day cleaning up sick and keeping Lucky away from him, which isn't easy. Once Izzy got home she was able to keep him company but even so, Lucky's not good with staying away from his Evan.

It has not been a fun day.

Nov. 3rd, 2010

Finally finished cleaning up the journal. I know LJ means well, but it sort of sucks how many comms they join you up to watch without asking. And the first post was annoying as well. I think in this day and age, there probably aren't enough reall n00bs to warrant that sort of thing, and for those who are really stumped, there's a help section and FAQ!

The kids are fed and watered, and I'm sitting down to try for ten minutes peace before someone wants something. They're sitting in front of the TV for the time being, watching Dora. I've got about... half an hour before I'll start thinking about putting the boys to bed, and then by the time I've got them to sleep it'll be time to start putting Izzy down.

I was a good mommy today. I took the boys to the park while Izzy was at school, and after school we went to the toy library, something we do every couple of weeks. We had all our favorites for dinner - hotdogs and beans, because mommy didn't REALLY feel like cooking - and there was even icecream for dessert!

Izzy's homework was easy. I think, if the next couple of books are as easy for her as the last few have been, I'm going to have to talk to her teacher about putting her up a level. Or even up a grade. I don't know. She's a smart kid, but she's not THAT smart, and I don't think she's socially ready for the reality of first grade right this minute.

Evan's doing his "mommy, take me to the potty" dance. Oh well, this was fun while it lasted! :D

Nov. 2nd, 2010

People are going to think this is the biggest sock journal in the history of sock journals, and I wish I knew a way to convince them otherwise that didn't involve having a thick skin for the next six months. I had a journal, I neglected it for a long time for various reasons (I had babies, and then for a long time we had no computer/internet, and when I finally came back to the computer the spam bots had ravaged it beyond recognition. I decided it was better to start over with a new blog.

So, I suppose I'll tell a little bit about myself and my little family. My name is Lucinda, but I go by Lucy, or Lulu. I did go by Cindy for a while as a child, but I decided I hated it, so now I don't let anyone call me Cindy.

I have three children. My daughter is five and her name is Isabel. She started school in June and she loves it, she's very bright, she's blazing through her reading books. I think she sees it as rather a game! She's not so hot on her math, but we're working on it.

The twins are Luke, called Lucky, and Evan. They were prem - Evan came home first, but Lucky was in the NICU for another couple of weeks after. We had a couple of hairy moments with him, but he seems to have this indomitable spirit! The nurses nicknamed him Lucky and it's just stuck. No one ever calls him Luke, and he doesn't answer to it! Now they're three, and Lucky's still pretty small for his age, but he makes up for it by having a personality that at times seems far too big for his tiny little body. Evan's larger but not by much, still smaller than the average three year old, and he's a lot more passive and accepting than his brother.

My partner is Timothy, who is either Tim, Timmy or TIMMEH depending on my mood and how much of a dolt he's being. South Park didn't exist in 1982 but that doesn't stop me from teasing him that his mom named him after the character. He works in a call center for a large telecommunications company, but more than that I can't really say as he was made to sign a confidentiality contract regarding his work and his customers, and I'd like to have the freedom to talk about any horrible customers he has without getting him in trouble!

I hope to make a lot of like minded friends, even if I haven't spent a lot of time filling out the interests portion of my profile. I'd rather get down to the business of writing and joining communities to find people who are into the same things as me!

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